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Downloading Plugin Installers

Recently, we began sending download links for our installers via email. If you made it to this page it is likely that you either did not receive the email we sent you or the download links we sent you are not working properly in your email client. We understand this is a major inconvenience and we want to save you the effort of trying to solve this issue by providing the download links on this page rather than the main downloads page. Click any of the links below to begin downloading the latest version of the Arousor or Big FrEQ installers.

Arousor Mac Installer

Arousor Windows Installer

Arousor Venue Installer


BIG FrEQ Mac Installer

BIG FrEQ Windows Installer


The links above will always download the latest version of the Arousor and BIG FrEQ, so bookmark this page for future updates. This new emailing system is a temporary solution for delivering installers until we integrate a new user account system on our website. The email that you submitted will never be sold or shared with anyone and we will not send you any communications unless you chose to opt-in for software updates notifications, promotions, or our newsletter.