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One of a Kind FATSO Auction

One of a Kind FATSO Auction

For the first time ever, we are auctioning off a one-of-a-kind FATSO and donating the proceeds to the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) Emergency Relief Fund. This one of a kind EL7X FATSO features dark orange/brown paint instead of blue on the front panel and dark grey switches. We will never have another FATSO like this one, so now is your chance to get a very special unit.

More about this auction

The auction is being hosted on the Independent Venue Week eBay charity and will end on Friday, November 28th at 4 PM. Since this charity is supporting independent venues in the United States, this auction will only be available to bidders within the United States. There is a reserve of  $2500 (roughly the typical retail price of a FATSO) and the highest bidder will receive the unit up to 2 weeks after the auction ends. Shipping is free and all of the proceeds of the highest bidder will go directly to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund to help independent venues that were forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More about this FATSO

The one of a kind FATSO up for auction is a brand new EL7X with a front panel that features dark orange/brown paint rather than the traditional blue. This is the only front-panel we have in this color and will be the only one we ever sell. There are no extra features or altered sound characteristics included with this model. It is just an EL7X with a different front panel and switches. There are two small blemishes on the front panel; a small white mark next to the warmth section and the last “T” in OUTPUT is a little overprinted on the right channel. If you have any more questions about this unit, please contact us at

Will we ever do something like this again?

We will always donate to a good cause, but we won’t always offer up a one of a kind unit to do so. This is a way for us, and of course the winner of the FATSO, to give back to the great musicians and engineers that made us the business we are today during this time of need in the music industry. So yes, we will do something like this again, but we may not offer a unit like this ever again. 

More about NIVA and where to donate

The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) is an American organization of independent music venues, independent promoters and festivals pursuing federal support such as business recovery grants and tax relief in the wake of COVID-19’s devastating effect on the live entertainment industry. According to a survey conducted by NIVA, 90% of the association’s roughly 2,000 members indicated that “they will close permanently in a few months without federal funding.” As a response to this, NIVA created the Save Our Stages Act to facilitate federal funding for independent theaters and venues to stay afloat and help preserve the financial ecosystem of the supporting businesses around them, as well as the Emergency Relief Fund to give financial support to their most vulnerable venues. 

You can donate to the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund on NIVA’s website, or send a pre-filled letter to your local legislators to support the Save Our Stages Act at the Save Our Stages website.