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About Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs Inc. is a growing, high tech audio company in Parsippany, NJ. Empirical Labs Inc (ELI) is in need of a part to full time employee who is web-savvy, a great communicator with Social Media skills, has a knowledge of modern music, and is willing to do a wide range of tasks. A good work ethic, honesty, and ability to take notes are all very important. Starting wages will depend on experience and training.



• Music Experience - Basic knowledge of the latest recording technologies, including DAWs, Plug-ins, synthesizers. Much of the job will be communicating with musicians, producers and recording engineers.

• Super Web-Savvy, and fluent in all major social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

• Maintain and create new marketing events, especially on Social Media.

• Experienced in Word, Excel, Access, some Adobe Suite, and learns software quickly. Takes good notes so only has to be shown something once.

• Knowledge of Google Analytics. Willing to learn and organize web statistics.

• Database Management Skills a plus - Access and MySQL.

• Be able to manage mailing lists. We currently use Mailchimp, but maintain backup spreadsheets and databases for immediate access.

• Good communicating skills. There will sometimes be generous email work, and phone duties.

• Creative writing and editing experience. Will be asked to write newsletters, web text, and proof manuals.

• Business management or Para-Legal experience a big plus.

• Fast typist that can produce a dozen or more emails a day.

• Ebay, Amazon and Paypal experience.

• Has some basic photography experience, and willing to learn more. We will be making videos.

• Must be able to work in our Facility in Parsippany NJ.

• Lives within 15 miles of Parsippany, NJ.

• Some references required (past employment, schooling, teachers etc)



Primary Tasks

• Managing Social Media accounts, Website, and events. Creatively expand "engaging" online presence.

• Collaborate with Distributor for marketing idea/goals/objectives. Work closely with promotion of products.

• Assisting Dave Derr, the President, with technical and communicating tasks, day to day operations.


Secondary Tasks

• Sell B-Stock, as well as older equipment on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, or Reverb

• Occasionally help operations manager in administrative tasks such as updating records, data entry, spreadsheet design, etc.




• 15 - 25 hour weeks for part time, or +25 - 40 hr/week full time employment depending on mutual needs.

• 5 days of vacation per year after the first year. 3 sick days per year.

• Health insurance after 90 days of +25 hr work weeks.

• IRA's available to full time (+35hr/wk) employees after 3 years.

• Flexible daytime hours can be requested.

• On the Job Training.



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