Audio DSP Plug-in Developer


Empirical Labs is looking for an experienced DSP engineer for developing exciting, hit-making Audio Plug-ins for Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS). Applicants must have developed audio plug-ins before, on a variety of formats, and know PACE Copy protection for iLok dongles, or be willing to learn. We hope they can work in-house here in Parsippany NJ, but are open to outside developers, working on a contract basis. An example of current or past work (a Plug-In) may be requested.


We have a graphics artist who can provide high quality graphic elements for the User Interface, but the DSP developer must know how to format and manage the graphics elements for the various DAW Plug-in formats. These interface graphic elements include knobs, switches, lights, displays, etc.


If excited about the prospect of using your math skills to create musical plug-ins that will be used all over the world, please email us at with "DSP Developer" as Subject. Please include any resume or portfolio you may have available. We are also open to referrals if you know someone who might be qualified and has made great plug-ins.



• Computer Science Degree or Equivalent. Comfortable with MAC, Windows, and UNIX operating systems.

• At least 2 years experience as a "Plug-in programmer ", and has produced finished commercial plug-ins.

• Good knowledge and understanding of analogue circuits and components.

•  Ability to model existing analogue circuits with Digital Signal Processing for use in real time audio processing software.

• Self motivated with Independent problem solving skills, able to research and find solutions to complex problems.

•  Can perform measurements on music equipment, and software, and analyze performance and action. It is often necessary to test algorithms and models to compare them to existing audio processing hardware and software.

• Excellent C++, C, C# T-net Programming Skills.

• Knowledge of JUCE for building interfaces compatible with many Daws and platforms.

• Experience with Matlab, Octave or similar math software.

• Knowledge of modified nodal analysis.

• Experience with Copy protection for Plug-ins, We currently use PACE iLok protection.

• Experience using and testing on several existing DAWs.

• Has worked with AAX, VST2, VST3, and AU Plug-in formats.

• Can build libraries of re-usable modules of DSP code, that can be used as building blocks on any project.

• Can work in-house at Empirical Labs facility, however, outside developers will also be considered.


Bonus Qualifications

• Plays a musical instrument, or has experience in music recording and production.

• Knowledge of existing competitor plug-ins, and the latest trends in digital audio productions.

• Passionate about achieving the best sounding Audio Signal Processing possible.

• Understanding of low level CPU, machine code operation for MAC and Windows computers.

• Experience with the IDEs XCode and Visual Studio

• Experience with GIT, Subversion (SVN) or equivalent for Revision Management/Version Control.

• Experience with handling major frameworks and APIs (Cocoa, Core Foundation, Win32 AP, etc.)


Benefits with working at Empirical Labs

• +25 - 40 hr/week full time employment depending on mutual needs.

• Flexible hours can be requested.

• Health insurance is covered 50% after 90 days of +25 hr work weeks.

• IRA's available to full time (+35hr/wk) employees after 3 years. Our IRAs are above standard.

• In house training on Audio Test Equipment used at Empirical Labs.



If interested, please send an email and resume to







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