“The Arousor is a compressor plugin without equal!  Instantly exciting and instantly musical. There’s no turning back!” – Greg Wells

Since its release in 2016, the AROUSOR has become an industry standard used on dozens of Grammy Winning records. Now, that glorious AROUSOR sound is available in its simplified and cost-effective little brother: AROUSOR LT

Like the full version, AROUSOR LT is a Classic Knee Compressor plug-in, with identical processing. Its Distressor “DNA”, gives it that look, feel and sound of beloved analog compressors. AROUSOR LT brings all this tone and functionality into a price range that works for everyone. The “AROUSOR SOUND” top tier engineers rely on for their hit tracks will now improve your mixes at a price that won’t sprain your wallet.

By simplifying the controls, hiding a few functions, and reducing the available ratios from 12 to the most commonly used 4, the AROUSOR LT provides the core sound and function of the full version in a low cost, easy to use but still powerful package. The AROUSOR LT can excite any source, be it an instrument, voice, submix or master buss. Just like the full version, LT provides Mono and Stereo versions, supports VST, AU, AAX native, AAX-DSP and VENUE systems as part of the standard license.


Attack Modification


The attack modification slows down the initial slope of the attack envelope to add just a little bit more of the transient back into the track.

AtMod is a fixed setting on the Arousor LT, and is set to “3” as opposed to the Arousor’s default value of “2”.

Colorful Saturation


Add some vintage-style harmonic distortion to any track with the soft clipper. Whether you are looking for subtle or extreme amounts of total harmonic distortion, the soft clipper will deliver.

Detector Sidechain


A simple, yet incredibly useful 110Hz High-Pass filter is included to remove low frequencies from triggering the compression detector.

hand-picked ratios

The three compression ratios were carefully selected to offer the user a wide range of useable sounds from the Arousor LT on any audio source. The 1:1 ratio is included to allow users to drive the saturation without compression.

What features come with an upgrade?

  • Full control over the AtMod and Saturation parameters
  • Access to ALL of the 12 ratios, including RIVET and two new ratios (6.5:1 and 7:1) which can be selected by enabling “ALT” mode in the ratio section. Also included are two OPTO Modes based on the time constants of a classic and a modern LA2A.
  • Soft Clipper Expert Panel that allows for introducing more second harmonic distortion and the ability to place the compressor input before or after the soft clipper circuit.
  • Advanced Detector Sidechain EQ which includes a listen mode to hear what frequencies are affecting the compression detector.
  • Three extra Stereo-Link modes. (Arousor LT is set to “Image Link”, the default Arousor Link mode)
  • Blend Control that allows mixing between Dry and Wet signals.

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"It was immediately like greeting a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years! Oh how I remember that sound, and the Arousor plug-in has taken it a step further. Allowing me to re-create the “SPANK” I was using with the EL-8 during the 90’s and 00’s, but with the detector sidechain EQ, giving me the flexibility to get deep into controlling how much spank and how I want to blend it.”
Tom Lord-Alge
Sum 41, Goo Goo Dolls, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, etc.
“I didn’t think the Distressor could be ‘improved’, but now Dave has come up with the Attack Modification and the Soft Clipping controls, not to mention the crazy sidechain options…”
John Paterno
Robbie Williams, Lustra, Robben Ford, Bonnie Raitt, etc.
“The plugin is a game changer ITB. I have for a very long time been a fan of the Distressor on snare and now I have that again. Nothing compares and on the mix I'm doing I went from feeling really good about it… to killer.”
Jacquire King
Arctic Monkeys, James Bay, Modest Mouse, etc.
"The Arousor is a compressor plugin without equal! Instantly exciting and instantly musical. There's no turning back!"
Greg Wells
Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic, etc.
“Wow - right off the bat - I love this thing. All the sonic characteristics of the best hardware, only more control, more color options. Handles every approach toward compression with great style, character, and when wanted, excitement. The attack modification and side chain eq are fantastic additions. Like three plug-ins in one. Plus, the x-factor…it just sounds great.”
Bob Power
A Tribe Called Quest, D'Angelo, Bobby McFerrin, etc.

Try the Arousor LT for Free for 15 days.

• Download the Arousor LT Installer at the link the link below.
• Install the Arousor LT and click “TRY” the first time it is opened.
• Activate the Arousor LT to an iLok USB or iLok Cloud.


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• When you purchase the Arousor LT from our online store you get 1 license with 2 activations when you redeem your activation code.
• Get free upgrades and support.
• Activate the Arousor LT to an iLok USB or iLok Cloud.


Hear the Difference

↳ Drums - Dry

↳ Drums - Default Preset (5-8 dB Gain Reduction)

↳ Drums - PUMMELED KIK SN Preset (10-15 dB Gain Reduction)

↳ Drums - RIVET EXTREME Preset (20 dB Gain Reduction)

↳ Drums - RIVET EXTREME Preset (Blend set to 2)

↳ Drums - Only Saturation (Soft Clipper set to 8)


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Not anymore! Now, you can activate the Arousor to iLok Cloud!

Arousor Rev 3 is free for all current Arousor users. All you have to do is download the latest installer from the downloads page.

Yes and no. The Arousor is more of an evolution of the Distressor than it is an emulation because it has much more advanced features like the AtMod and the Soft Clipper.

User Reviews

10 reviews for AROUSOR LT

  1. Bobby Rucker

    Absolutely incredible this thing is great!!!!!

  2. Benjamin

    I love it so much man. It’s the best compressor in software that’s available right now. I won’t comment on Arousor but sometimes you have to tread over the dead bodies to get to the bonds, you smell me on that?

  3. Mark Hagen

    Awesome grab n go ‘stressin for the busy workflow. Love the sound. I’ll upgrade before long.

  4. Joao Souza

    The best compressor plugin, period. And I’m talking about the LT, not the full version. Everything you need in a smaller, simpler format. Well done Empirical Labs!

  5. Neil Zaza

    I use the Arouser on everything and the LT is becoming just as valuable to me. A very quick workflow if I don’t need the tweakable elements. This is a must have!

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