DIY 500 Series Module Kit

Ever wanted to try your hand at building an audio device that you could easily plug in and use in a professional recording or live environment.  Well the Proto500 is a kit that makes it as about easy as it can get.


The Proto500 is a versatile prototyping system for the API 500 powered rack system.  Included in our Proto500 is a PCB card, a metal front panel with mounting places, and 5 switches, as well as a manual. The simple yet elegant API 500 modular series is an extremely common hardware system that allows modules to be plugged in and out of a powered rack, such as the classic API Lunchbox (holds 6 modules/slots), or API 500VPR (10 slots).   With over 2700 pads on the Proto500, and pre-layed out power supply traces, one can prototype relatively complex circuits for this system with much greater ease.  The ground and power supply connections are “webbed” throughout the PCB, making it easy to test high performance circuits with low noise, and high reliability.  The metal front panel has been painted with an impervious polyurethane paint, baked on like a car finish.  With a little care, even front panel graphics can be pressed or silkscreened on for a finished looking product. In a few hours or less, a circuit designer or hobbyist can turn out a professional performance product.