Protected: Matt Ward Joins Empirical Labs

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DerrEsser has a New Look

This week we started shipping out DerrEssers with a new and improved front panel. Now, this powerful de-esser will stand out in every 500-series rack and be easier to use. All of the text and markings have been updated to be easier to navigate and

BIG FrEQ Release Update and Presets by Dave Derr

Things have been very FrEQ’y since the launch of BIG FrEQ! It has been a wild 3 weeks filled with lots of awesome user feedback and useful bug reports from all of our users. Thanks to all of your input, we can now work towards

Welcome to the new Empirical Labs website

We are so excited to introduce you to our new and improved website! Things look a little different, don’t they? Don’t worry everything is still here; it just might be in a slightly different place than it used to be. Here are some of the

Quest for the Invisible De-Esser

Empirical Labs uses an unusual De-Esser and HF (high frequency) limiter circuit in two of their products, the Lil FrEQ and the DerrEsser.  Folks often ask why the circuit is so invisible and easy to use, having only one threshold control and one corner frequency

Comp Mode De-emphasis Sidechain Tricks

We occasionally get questions about the note in Pet Tricks of using the COMP MODE Sidechain De-emphasis in an alternative way. When Emphasis is turned on, it emphasizes high frequencies before compression, then compresses and distorts, and then flattens out the high frequencies again by