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With twelve powerful sections of processing, BIG FrEQ offers the ability to create modern “flat-top” parametric shapes with an analog workflow and added controls for more tone-shaping possibilities than a typical EQ plug-in. Inspired by the precision and warmth of Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ parametric equalizer, BIG FrEQ introduces superior fine tuning controls for surgical tone shaping and a unique FINISHER section for adding organic harmonic distortion. Like the plug-in’s predecessor, the Arousor, Empirical Labs brings the soul of analog hardware to the digital realm and includes features that can not be replicated in the analog domain. As always, Empirical Labs offers new twists and functionality to their new plug-in EQ and labors over making it mindless to learn, and just plain FUN to use.


Flat Top Shapes

Create modern tone curves with the added SLOPE control on each parametric band. This fourth EQ parameter steepens the edges of the curve creating a plateau shape allowing more frequencies to be adjusted equally.

Analog Saturation

Dial in organic, tape-like saturation with the unique FINISHER section and know how much saturation is being applied with the saturation meter. 

Focus Mode

Switching on the FOCUS mode will center the selected frequency and reduce the range of FREQ knob for easy fine tuning.

More Range

Expand the range of the GAIN knob an extra 15dB by toggling the RANGE mode for more dramatic boosts and cuts. 


“Big FrEQ is an EQ on steroids with a number of unique twists.”
Bobby Owsinski
Surround remixing of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Pantera, and more.
“This plugin has immediately found it’s way into my very small pile of heavy rotation tools”
John Paterno
Robbie Williams, Lustra, Robben Ford, Bonnie Raitt, etc.
"Save As User Default!!!! This new EQ plugin from the ears and mind of Dave Derr is so awesome.”
Greg Wells
Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic, etc.
“I’ve never had anything like this amount of control.”
Tchad Blake
James Bay, Tom Waits, Sheryl Crow, etc.

Try the BIG FrEQ for Free for 15 days.

• Download the BIG FrEQ Installer at the link the link below.
• Install the BIG FrEQ and click “TRY” the first time it is opened.
• An iLok USB Generation 2 or higher is required to use the Big FrEQ.


Buy the BIG FrEQ on our store.

• When you purchase the BIG FrEQ from our online store you get 1 license with 2 activations when you redeem your activation code.
• Get free updates and support.
• An iLok USB Generation 2 or higher is required to use the Big FrEQ.



Pay Monthly or Annually.

• Subscription services are provided by Gobbler.
• When you subscribe, Gobbler will provide you one Subscription license.
• An iLok USB Generation 2 or higher is required to use the BIG FrEQ.

$2.99/month or $29.99/year



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18 reviews for BIG FrEQ

  1. OL70 (verified owner)

    As of now, Big FrEQ has become my go-to EQ plugin when I look for character, especially for drums. Great sound, easy to dial in.
    I’m looking forward to the revisions and hope ELI will make a good plugin great.
    Things to improve:
    – GUI (no dealbreaker for me though)
    – Frequency chart is often misleading and does not display the changes correctly
    – Option to change the frequency and the Q of the shelves (this is the main point for me)

  2. Brandt Gassman (verified owner)

    As a user of Empirical Labs products for 12 years running, I was justifiably excited by their new EQ plug-in. That loyalty was rewarded!

  3. Sound_Hawk (verified owner)

    I really love the tonality of the plugin and the curves are smooth. Every now and then I have some issues with the plugin failing to launch and showing no presets or the gui behaving a bit odd. This might be the early phase and I am expecting an update would fix it. I was expecting such issues as I purchased the moment it was even ready before the official launch but so saying I am really happy with this plugin and I recommend everyone to try it.

  4. tom edwards (verified owner)

  5. Todd Mushaw (verified owner)

    BigFreq changed the way I mix for the better imho. Awesome release. I’m highly anticipating the future development.

  6. Andrew Shaw (verified owner)

    Having Arousor led me to no hesitation on buying Big FrEQ. At first glance the GUI is vibrant and detail is easy to read. It’s has the perfect amount of nods to adjust. I counted 6 nods and high pass and low pass filter with high and low shelving. The finisher feature is the greatest adding some saturation at the EQ level is special. This is a great follow up to Arousor. I currently using Big FrEQ mostly on vocals and it is great for shaping. I strongly recommended this EQ and Arousor.

  7. ahmed alzayer (verified owner)

  8. eunsoo jo (verified owner)

  9. Kevin Dowd (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t install on macOS. Apple flagged a security issue with the publisher. Strange because arousor would.

  10. Kevin Rivas (verified owner)

    Lo divertido de conseguir sonido variando la onda y su simulación de cinta y saturación es realmente excelente y diferente a lo que comúnmente se conseguía en un EQ

  11. DC (verified owner)

    This Compressor is my default compressor in my pro tools sessions. Its can be subtle or totally annihilate a source and anywhere in between. One of the best software comps on the market.

  12. yuji kamijo (verified owner)

    Good EQ!

  13. Dale (verified owner)

  14. Victor Mason (verified owner)

    Superb Value, Very well done. I love the enlargement window feature. Many more great features. The company has exceeded the customer expectation again.

  15. Nick (verified owner)

    Another great ELi plugin… so much functionality!

  16. melvinn Carter (verified owner)

    this EQ is amazing as an early user the Big FrEQ changed my sound and the way I approach my mixes.It’s an easy refreshing way to shape your vocals, sounds and ideas.I give this an absolute A Rating

  17. Pedro (verified owner)

    Been experimenting the trial for the past few days and decided to buy this plugin today as I found no excuse for not doing so. This gem went right up to my favorites, mainly because of how practical it is – it just feels that everything is in the right place (probably because it is). It is a joy to use it – it just feels and sounds right. I could go on and try to explain why I feel this way by describing each of the features that glued me to this plugin, but in the end choosing a plugin is a very personal thing. I just recommend everyone reading this to at least try it! I fell in love with it.

    TL;DR: Probably the most practical EQ I used so far – everything is in the right place. It sounds fantastic to my tastes.

  18. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent! My favourite Plugin EQ. I use it all the time for mixing and mastering. Just outstanding 🙂

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