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What’s New in BIG FrEQ 1.2

What's New in BIG FrEQ 1.2

BIG FrEQ 1.2 introduces new features suggested by the Empirical Labs plugin user community, as well as options to help customize the way you mix. A new settings menu has been added that allows for enabling/disabling various workflow options and elements of the GUI. The new “Auto On” feature can be toggled from within this settings menu, as well as the ability toggle the EQ curve display and FINISHER metering while it is bypassed. The inclusion of this settings menu also introduces the possibility for even more workflow customization in the future. We also expanded support for AVID Control Surfaces and improved the overall response of the GUI when interacting with the parameters. Finally, the BIG FrEQ includes iLok Cloud support for the first time in a stable release, and offers some new factory presets. See the full list of new features below!

Like the Arousor, the BIG FrEQ is an evolving, community-driven plugin with more free updates to come! Be apart of the conversation, suggest new features, and chat with Dave on our Gearspace Thread. This update is free to all current BIG FrEQ users! All you have to do is download the latest installer from our downloads page. If you are new to the BIG FrEQ, now is your chance to start a 15-day free trial, and get the analog qualities of our hardware in the box!


What’s New in BIG FrEQ 1.2

  • iLok Cloud activation is now available along with iLok USB activation.
  • New “Auto On” feature automatically enables parametric bands when knobs are turned.
  • A new settings menu that includes:
    • Switch for “Auto On” Automatic EQ Section enabling
    • Switch for toggling the EQ curve Display
    • Switch for toggling the FINISHER metering when it is in bypass
  • Added vertical dragging option for Width Control
  • New factory presets have been added!
  • Expanded support for AVID Control Surfaces.
  • Improved CPU performance on some DAWs, notably Cubase & Nuendo, especially on Windows systems.
  • Improved response when clicking and dragging the width slider as well as other graphic elements.
  • Multiple bug fixes including resolving issues with window size rescaling, loading presets, and plugin initialization.
  • The Help menu can now be opened by clicking on the blue ELI logo, as well as the “?” Help button at the top.


Click Here to Download BIG FrEQ 1.2

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