Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, James Bay, Tom Waits, Norah Jones)

“As a mixer, my style is constantly evolving and changing. Around 2008 I sold a handful of my hardware compressors as I was using more and more “In the box” compressing. I always regretted selling my pair of EL-8 Distressors. They were my “bread and butter” compressors.


I recently found the Empirical Labs “Arousor” plug-in. It was immediately like greeting a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years! Oh how I remember that sound, and the Arousor plug-in has taken it a step further. Allowing me to re-create the “SPANK” I was using with the EL-8 during the 90’s and 00’s, but with the detector sidechain EQ, giving me the flexibility to get deep into controlling how much spank and how I want to blend it. LET THE SPANKING CONTINUE!”


- Tom Lord-Alge  (Fall Out Boy, Pink, Blink 182, Rolling Stones, U2, Peter Gabriel, Ben Folds, Verve Pipe, Barenaked Ladies, Faith Hill, Weezer, Steve Winwood… and on and on)

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The best audio compressor Plug-in based on the best-selling audio compressor; the Distressor.



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